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TCP/IP Audiobooks - any ideas?


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Hi everyone,

First of all, I love the show! Thanks for all the great info I've received from watching the episodes and reading through the forums. I've learned so much over the past year or so since I discovered this site. The community buzz is amazing.

I was just wondering does anybody have any idea where I could find some audiobooks on TCP/IP and/or networking in general?

I have a friend doing an electronics and communications course in Dublin and he asks me a lot of questions so I try to help him out as much as possible (I'm no expert) but he drives from Dublin to our workplace (at least 30 miles each way) every day and he asked me if there were any audiobooks on the subject.

Anyway I checked the Itunes store and Amazon etc. etc. and I still haven't found anything. I intend to do some proper research when I get home this evening but I just thought maybe some of you had some ideas off the top of your head?

Thanks again

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