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yea, no worries, i can't remember the username and password to the 1000 different web based bank accounts that i've taken out under a long list of different names. would one of you guys help me get them back.

it's ok, you wont get into trouble, they're all my accounts, i swear...

you know routers all have reset buttons on them dont you

if you forgot the default one, this site might help

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The (as in only) answer to this problem is to factory reset it.

not to true, if its a cisco, and hasnt been used in a while

(its been 4 years since ive used it)
there is a shit load of exploits for it, as there are for many brands (doing CCNA ive kept the cisco ones the most, and trialed most of them) its able to change the password for consol, telnet, and web interface. but i still think hard is the best.
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thx... ill try the factory reset. not now though. unfortunately i am not at location of said router. (although this router is same model and i do not know password either....i just dont care here) i wont be at said location till monday, and i have to go to a LAN party on monday for 12 hours. and get this: the reason im invited is because i know the most about networking..... otherwise i wouldnt be going. my p3 doesnt handle company of heroes so one of them is bringing his extra pc.

and i dont want to take the falsh mem outta the box. i didnt pay for the router and im not the only one using it so i dont feel comfortable doing any hardware stuff to it. which is wierd, cuz im willing to do software hacking to it, but im more skilled at the hardware aspect. oh well.

btw. i was wondering if it would be possible to make a amplification/booster system for the wrt54g... kinda like a whole bunch of low-powered boxes (like p3 733's)(overclocked to 880-990 of course) with a wireless g card and a transmitter that recieve the signal, then amplify it and transmit.

these boxes would be placed at strategic intervals, with redundancy galore, and would all act to create a giant network over long distances to give people i know who are unable to get internet other than dial-up(like my friends in the outskirts) access to my cable internet thats reaches 10 mbps.

this would be kind of a cool way to screw over the isp's.

it would all link back to one router which would then go through a pc that would act as a firewall and restrict who could use it before sending them through to the tubes.

it would be a hell of a job.... but to do it would help create a model for municipalities who are toying with the idea of putting up a wireless network to allow all citizens of said municipality access to the internet for either free or realy cheaply.

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