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I was thinking of getting a new laptop before i go off to college. Right now, i've been looking at the Alienware m9700. What do you all think, is this a good choice? and also, could you tell me of a better laptop? thanks in advance.

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I would say make your own, but I don't know how laptops are to make. Or if you could do it. I enjoy making my own desktops.

Anyway, that's a good choice considering it's the second best. I doubt you want to pay 4500$.

I would definitely throw some more RAM into it. 512mb is a bit low. Up it to 1 GB. And if you have the cash, dual video cards will keep it up to date. It comes standared with a good enough screen and audio. That's all I would do to it. Personally, I'd spend a large amount in order to keep it up to date, because laptop parts aren't so upgradable.

Other than that, Alienwares are made for gaming. They are probably your best bet. Dell has one that my Chemisty teacher got and it's pretty nice, not to mention very customizable. Here's the link.


I'd just choose 2-3 and look at customer reviews and specs.

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