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Request for Moral Guidance


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Yeah. First of all, allow me to introduce myself.

Now, I have an extreme moral dilemma right now, and so I've come to the "random bunch of yahoo's on the internet" (no offence intended) crowd to gain insight.

About three feet behind me, hidden from view only by a wall, is a fairly new, mid-to-high range tower unit. The insides are pretty nice, especially considering that I have no money as of this precise moment, and I don't have a desktop. The problem of course is that this tower isn't mine, and was being used by a (now non-existant) company to power a projector for advertising purposes.

Now, the parental units that kindly put a roof over my freeloading head want to sell this unit to power the projector for another bunch of people, yet I've got the extreme temptation to open up the unit, gut it of anything remotely worth salvaging to put in a new case, and then subtly putting the case back on.

I'm certain that the parental units won't look inside to see the missing components, if I take them, though they may be slightly concerned when the people buying this unit complain that it isn't working.

As a bunch of ethically minded individuals, what would you suggest in this situation?

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Could you come to some arangement with them, after subtly suggesting that the unit isn't really that useful and is of a reasonably low spec, so you could offer to take it off their hands for a reasonably low price? ;)


I mean... prolly best not dude... ;)

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Go find an old box that running something like win 9x from a garage sale for dirth cheap (or a school district - they usually have old boxs in a closet somewhere), gut it, and toss them in the case that's to be sold and keep the goods from the other. Shouldn't take that long to do.

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I guess I'm lucky in this respect. My parents don't ask questions and yet new computers offten turn up in my room, no there not stolen but donated from my 'clients'. Perhaps you could turn it into a PVR?

i get donations too lol

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Yeah my parents are the same (though they dislike my room being jammed to the ceiling with hardware)... I go out one day and return with a (legally purchased/obtained) machine when they know I only left with a couple of quid (erm... about $5 US) or nothing and they don't stop to question why I have it or where it came from... they just groan, sigh and watch me drag it throught the house...

Unfortunately this happens more rarely these days, but hey I didn't do bad while my 'sources' were more active ;)

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