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Ultimate Showdown Parody Pt. 2 (The project needs you)


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As some of you know and some of you may not a while back i wrote a parody of Lemon Demon's The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny called The Ultimate Showdown of IPTV Superiority. Soon after i actually e-mailed the band asking if it was cool and they said they were fully cool with it and to feel free to do with the lyrics as i saw fit. Well a few days back i decided to open source them i guess you could say out to digg with the soul purpose of not only letting more people see the parody outside my little blog circle but also to solicit music and video creators to make a full blown parody of the original flash animation taking the parody to the level i dreamed of when i first wrote it.

If you would like to support this idea or just read it again for yourself please hit the link below and give it a digg.


P.s. I am also working on the 2.0 version of the lyrics and a podcast version.

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