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Favorite Snack food while hacking?


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I've largely stopped snacking on junk food and now often snack on bananas instead. Sometimes I like to deep throat them first.

lol a friend was mucking around doing that at a lan. it snaped half way why it was down there :S

anywho, normaly i dont snack at my computer, prefer to be more healthy, so theres just a water bottle here.

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When I'm in the zone, I don't consume anything.

This is actually pretty good, as I'll eventually feel the need for a drink or a bite, and thus am forced to move away for a bit, giving me some time to reflect on what I've done so far.

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Eating at a computer means less time with eye on the monitor and hands on the keyboard.

If I'm not doing anything though, pretty much anything goes as a snack food... Pepperami (spiced salami snack stick) works well, or something I can chew on while I'm thinking (though only savoury stuff, please)... Drinks are usually something cold, carbonated/caffeinated/alcoholic (circle as appropriate).

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man i eat burritos chips candy paper(if im bored) ice cream coke chicken mac and chese but if im really on a role in my programming i bust out with the scooby doo sandwitches hell yea dudes that stuff will keep you fueled for a long long time

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