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Evil Server in 3D


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Sure, feel free to use it!

I've started working on the animation, currently got 13 secs or so of it done which you can download here:


Its only 5MB, rapidshare should work fine for all those without a premium account =)

3D work by Moi

Music is of course by Ashley Witt

The show intro by the Hak5 guys

really cool!! :D

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That is some seriously tight work. What are you using to do the video on the lcd, or is it frame by frame images in the 3d modeler?

Great work! I think it would be a cool inrto to season 3, but needs some more around the background, like a real backdrop with the 3d objets blended into them so you couldn't tell the difference.

Thanks, I do want to get started on a background but i'm not too good with doing those. It might just be made up buildings similar to those seen in the page header ^ up there ^

The video on the monitor is actually just an uncompressed AVI with the audio track removed, they can be used just like a normal texture. Brilliant, Cinema4D.

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