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Regarding Transmission of signal using Hackrf one


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I have been using hackrf one to spoof gnss reciever. I am using arduino along with the gnss receiver to obtain the NMEA sentences in the serial monitor of Arduino. I have set up my hackrfone and it is able to transmit signal from hackrf one (as can be seen from the image attached, but t shows amplitude "-inf dbfs"). I am transmitting from hackrf one through an antenna. The GNSS Reciever is in close proximity to my HackerOne. Can I expect spoofed nmea sentences to be displayed on my serial monitor of Arduino? I am unable to see the spoofed NMEA sentences. I feel I am doing something fundamentally wrong. Can you please help me how to sort this out? Your help would have a great value to my project as I have been stuck with this part for 2 weeks now. Thanks, in advance.

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