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No connection to Key Croc via cloud


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I received the key croc last week.
Connected to the PC offline everything works.

W-LAN set up, is also connected to the W-LAN, I can also pin it.

CloudC2 installed, also works via browser.
CloudC2 set up on PC in the same network File created as described in the config.

Unfortunately, it shows me offline, the device.

What can be the problem?

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In what way are you executing C2 server (from command line with options)? What OS does the computer use where C2 is running? What happens if you try to ssh from the Croc to the C2 server using port 2022? Any response at all? You could also try to execute the following from the Croc and check what the contents are in the index.html file that is created (abort wget with Ctrl + C).



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It's a Windows 10.

I ran it with the following command.

With this option I started the server.

c2-3.2.0_amd64_windows.exe -hostname -listenport 80

not more.

The server is also running can also be accessed through the browser.
Everything runs in the same network, including the Croc and the server


Do you have a idee ?

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I still need the output from the commands I posted previously (wget and/or ssh from the Croc).

Also, is the Windows box where you are running the C2 server really using It's totally possible depending on the network design, but under normal circumstances that would most likely be a router or network device in the network (since it's a ".1" address that normally isn't used by network client devices). You need to use the IP that the machine has on the network where the C2 server is running otherwise the Croc will never find the C2 server.

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