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I need a space character in ATTACKMODE PROD_ value

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How do I encode a space or special character value in the ATTACKMODE arguments e.g. PROD_Special<space>Thing? Currently PayloadStudio obviously yells at me because it thinks the text after the space is a separate argument. I've tried quotes, \x20, etc.

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I'm not sure what's possible. I've seen other types of devices that has spaces in the product description field (and also longer strings than 16 characters, like the Bunny that is specified to use max 32 chars) and I've not seen any real limitations in the USB standard/specification, so it's perhaps a "design decision" or limitations of some sort. Contact official support for an official answer, or post in the Ducky channel on Discord. Korben (the main dev) is very active there, but just ask the question. Don't ping/tag him. He will most likely answer if he has the time to do so since he always tries to do that for questions or issues that pop up over time. Also remember that the Hak5 Discord isn't official support either. It's a community space just like this forum. If you expect an official answer, then put a support ticket instead.

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