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Learning to use my Pineapple, am I on the right track ?


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently teaching myself about pentesting and security, just got a Wifi Pineapple and trying things on my own network.

The access point is a standard ISP provided router (isolated from the rest of my network), with a 18 characters WPA2 password. The end goal would be to gain access to a 20$ IP Camera I set up.

I managed to intercept a full pcap and handshake, but brute forcing an 18 character password with uppercase, lowercase and number is kinda out of reach, surprisingly.

If it were a real target, I would setup an evil portal to try to get the wifi password, but since I'm the only user it's not that fun to try.

What would you try ? If you have some good docs or tutorials on some attack I can try I'd be happy to read them.

Here's what I would try with my limited knowledge :

  • Evil portal mimicking an ISP login page
  • Maybe try to spoof the SSID and deauth the clients ? I'm not sure I can make them reconnect to the spoofed SSIS if I don't have the password.
  • Try to connect directly to the camera if its firmware is not secured enough (I definitely don't have the skills to do that)
  • Try to guess how the default 18 character wifi password is generated, maybe it's not really random and it could be deduced from the SSIS or mac address (I don't think so but why not...)


Thanks for the answers



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