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Signal Owl openWRT and packages Upgrade


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Is it possible to update/upgrade openWRT and the installed software packages on the Signal Owl?

I believe the version installed on the Owl is 19.07 and as of this post the current version is 21.02.

Also not sure what the versions of the individual packages on the Owl are but I'd imagine they've been updated by now.

I saw in another post that someone may have "bricked" their device by attempting a 'sysupgrade' from whithin (ssh) the device so I want to avoid that situation.

I'm curious if this is possible and if it might help with using the data and tools associated with them when taken off the Owl.  So if besside might be older now on the Owl than what is out int he wild and the way the data is saved or handled different when used through Kali or any other OS and tools.

I'm hoping this device is still very much useful and can be updated/upgraded in any way.

I'm having fun learning with this little thing...

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I think it's even possible to stretch up to 22.03.3 for mips_24kc. However, I wouldn't try to walk that path at all. Everything is possible, but you would probably break Hak5 features (or need to spend a bunch of hours trying to get it all working in a way that is relative to an "Owl-out-of-the-box-experience"). Then, all the packages you need has to be publicly available for that release (upstream OpenWrt), or you would need to build the tools from source (if you're not fortunate enough that someone else has built them for that specific OpenWrt version and that specific architecture). And... with besside-ng (as discussed in another thread), I don't think you will gain any advantages just having a more recent version of OpenWrt on the Owl. Hashcat will still not love besside-ng based input. Bottom line is that you will pretty much be on your own if starting to hack the Owl.

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