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Switchblade on Disgo Drive U3


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Morning guys. I have spent the last few days playing with my new Disgo U3 drive but havent been very successful.

I formatted it with the Universal Customizer. Firstly, i lost all of the U3 Launch Utils for Disgo (obviously) and following the instructions dropped a payload into the U3CUSTOM folder and created an ISO. I then ran the universal customizer. This made the ISO section of the drive. When i now plug it in all that happens is the actual drive portion of the stick pops up in View mode.

When i drop the WIP and Documents folder in the root of the drive it does nothing unless i manually click on go.exe. Then it works.

I just want to get round to popping the drive in and it running go.exe automatically.

Any help is appreciated guys. Thanks

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I was having the same problem with my disgo 1gb u3,

here are the files i am using,


they contain the ones needed for the CD drive, and the ones for the FLASH partition,

just remove/add anything else you need to go.cmd

just create a new .iso using the universal customizer,

hope this helps,


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Excellent. Thankyou very much. I shall give it a try now. I actually did have it working at one point once i got my head around it, but after trying to improve on it i kinda screwed it up and lost track.

I will let you know how it goes.

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I have written the ISO with the 2 files in the ISO folder. Written them to the drive with Universal Customeriser.

Dropped the folders from the Flash directory into the flash section of the drive.

It does not seem to run. I just plug into a computer and leave for a few minutes.

It only seems to run if i double click on go.cmd manually. However a window does come up on insertion. It shows the temp directory on the hard drive.

Am i doing anything wrong?

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