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Complete Working Install Package+Instructions for OS X


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It took me hours to figure out how to correctly configure all the relevant files and download all the extentions for firefox and stuff, so I thought I;d save all you other mac users out there the time. Just follow these steps:

NOTE: The Pandora JAR package included in this download has been converted to UNIX so that OS X can read it in terminal, it will not work for windows, and neither will any of the other stuff!

1. Go here


click free download, and download the file "lugnut.zip" you may have to jump through some hoops, just wait for the timer to end, and download it

2. Unzip the archive using stuffit it should contain:





pandora copy

copy these to your desktop (this is important)

change the name of "pandora copy" to "pandora"

3. You now have to set the permissions of the pandora.sh file that's in the pandora folder. to do this, open terminal, and type:

chmod u+s /Users/YOUR USER NAME EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS/Desktop/pandora/pandora.sh

for example, i type:

chmod u+s /Users/Woodnote/Desktop/pandora/pandora.sh

but this won't work for you because your user name isn't "Woodnote"

If this works, nothing will happen, if you didn't follow the above instructions exactly, you'll get an error message like "does not exist" etc. Go back and try it again. Make sure the path is correct.

4. Now install firefox if you don't already use it. Then using firefox, open the file that you moved to your desktop "iflash_switcher_intel.xpi" if your using an intel mac, or "iflash_switcher_ppc.xpi" if you using an older mac. DON'T OPEN BOTH

restart firefox

This will install a plugin that allows you to switch which version of macromedia flash player firfox uses, Pandora Jar cannot operate in the Flash 9 environment, so we install this to allow us to switch firefox back to Flash player 8

open firefox again and open the other file you copied to your desktop "greasmonkey.........xpi"

this installs an extention that allows us to trick pandora.com into thinking we are running flash 9, when in fact we are actually running flash 8

restart firefox

now open firefox again, and in the lower rigt hand corner, you'll see a small ape face that smiles, and a Flash icon, click on the flash icon and select flash player 8, you'll be prompted to restart firefox. do so.

open firefox again, then go to this web address in firefox:


you will be asked if you would like to install this script. Say yes, follow the prompts, and restart again.

5. You still with me? awesome, now close firefox. FIREFOX MUST BE CLOSED WHEN YOU RUN PANDORA JAR OR IT WON"T WORK RIGHT. now open terminal again, and type

cd ~/Desktop/pandora

hit enter, then type:

sh pandora.sh

hit enter, give it a second, and it should power up a little box in the corner and should say something like yay! let's get some mp3s, wait, and a second later, firefox will open and go to pandora but you'll notice the pandora jar interface.

NOTE: you may get prompted by flash about how this program is trying to access info on your computer etc. If this is the case, just select "settings" which will take you to a website where you can edit which programs have access via flash. underneath the box is a hint tat says "something something something, blah blah" or something like that but it'll say that this program tried to access something. you just have to hit the button that says add.

close firefox again, open terminal and and type all this stuff again

cd ~/Desktop/pandora

hit enter, then type:

sh pandora.sh

hit enter, give it a second, and it should power up a little box in the corner and should say something like yay! let's get some mp3s, wait, and a second later, firefox will open and go to pandora but you'll notice the pandora jar interface.

6. enter your last.fm info if you like, enter your pandora.com name, select autopilot select cddb lookup, and viola, your back in the game. the mp3s will be saved to a file inside of the pandora file on your desktop called "MP3" there's already some awesome blues music from the turn of the century, but you're probably not into that, so you can delete it.

NOTE: you can't move that folder on your desktop ever. seriosly. you'll lose the permissins that we just added to the pandora.sh file in the earlier step. If you move it somewhere else, you'll have to redo that step, but change the path to whereever you put it.

That's it. If this helped you out, please leave a commet to that effect so that it stays active. If it didn't...sucks to be you. Just kidding, leave a comment to that effect too.

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This is a great guide, but it needs a few more updates:

- The grab button no longer works. Look at http://www.hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5414 for instructions on how to fix it.

- The .sh file won't run initially because it has Dos linebreaks in it. Open it up in textedit and copy+paste into a new file to fix this; delete the old one.

- Here's a checked link to an extension that removes the upgrade message: http://www.divshare.com/download/98085-fb7

- If there are still problems with that message (there were for me), do a search for the file pluginreg.dat on your system - it should be in your Firefox profile folder - and replace 8.0 with 9.0 in the Flash section.

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