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clients wihtout BSSID - this way unable to deauth


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Hi guys 🙂

hope someone can help...
The most of my clients re unassociated this means without an BSSID! This way my pineapple can see the client device but is not able to assign to an WIFI-AP. Moreover Iam not able to deauth these....

And this issue is for the really most of my clients. -.-

Last Scan:

AP's: 39
Clients: 11
unassociated: 71


is there any solution or missunderstanding from my side?






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1 hour ago, dark_pyrro said:

In what way do you think that it would be possible to deauth the clients when they aren't connected to anything. It's kinda the purpose of deauthing to deauthenticate them from an ESSID to which they are actively authenticated.

To add to that, deauth in is not "grab handshake." Could be the smartphone of someone walking by. Could be a device that's just not connected or on a wired connection. Even if the unassociated devices have the target AP in their Preferred Network Lists, you cannot force them to connect.

However, if you wait a bit, one or more may connect to an AP, and if they're close enough, you can get the handshake(s). 

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Ok thanks 🙂

I think my problem is the understanding of the unassociated clients in general....

to recap:
It's correct that a unassociated device maybe not belong to a AP in my range and this is the possible reason why it is marked as an unassociated device?

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