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wifi pineapple how can i clone wifi?

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hello i am new user of device, I want to clone my own network after scanning wifi networks. After pressing the Clone WPA/2 AP button, I get the cloned notification, but I can't find it anywhere, how can I make a passwordless clone? 

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Check "PineAP" > "Evil WPA"

For a passwordless clone, try "Add SSID to PineAP Pool" and then broadcast/advertise the PineAP pool. Client devices that already has this ESSID configured will not connect to it though since it expects a passphrase protected network, not an open one.

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42 minutes ago, dark_pyrro said:

"PineAP" > "Kötü WPA"yı kontrol edin

Parolasız bir klon için, "PineAP Havuzuna SSID Ekle"yi deneyin ve ardından PineAP havuzunu yayınlayın/reklamını yapın . Halihazırda bu ESSID'yi yapılandırmış olan istemci cihazlar, açık bir ağ yerine parola korumalı bir ağ beklediği için buna bağlanmayacaktır.

Thank you so much for your help.  

I learned to use evil wpa and open these two parts. i open network by copying mac and bssid manually. but what you said is "Add SSID to PineAP Pool" and then broadcast/advertise the PineAP pool. I did not understand the part, can you explain in detail, can I broadcast the ssid of a wifi network that I have scanned directly as a clone network, how can I do it?

In short, I did not understand this part. "Add SSID to PineAP Pool" and then broadcast/advertise the PineAP pool.

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