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Help needed.

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I got my WiFi Pineapple mark 7 yesterday, everything seems to work properly. But the only problem is with the Evil Portal. Ive used login pages from this github page: https://github.com/kleo/evilportals. When I try to activate the portal it gives me an error message: Error activating portal. I have no idea why, I followed the instructions on the github page.

Any help would be appreciated abunch.

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OK, that shouldn't be needed though. I've seen this from time to time (but not had any such issues myself), so it's interesting to know how the portals are "installed" and used in order to understand how things end up with that error. It's triggered by the function "toggle_portal" (and sub-functions) in the /pineapple/ui/modules/evilportal/module.py file and seems to be depending on the state of files in /www and/or /root/portals.

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