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Responder Failing to Get Hashes


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Been trying to get Responder to work for days, and after reading a number of sources online and combing through Wireshark captures, I'm finally putting it together. I've used a Pineapple and a Kali Linux laptop, as well as trying Inveigh on a Windows machine, and using a few different devices to connect over SMB (which does work fine on the client side). Responder sends the NTLMSSP_CHALLENGE packet, but Windows 10 responds with RST, ACK instead of NTLM_AUTH. It's like it knows that the challenge is from a rogue SMB server.

responder -I wlanX
responder -I wlanX -wdvP


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I didn't think that it would work since the poisoning was working. I was able to get hashes from my W10 22H2 system but only when I wasn't starting Responder over SSH. I didn't think that it would interfere but guess it does. Go figure.

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