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Controling my pc via html


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I have a network, one of my network PCs has an apache server and a PHP server, how can i control that pc, or some applications or something in a web browser. I saw that thing with videos and i found something for winamp... i can put links to those in the main page but what about some more applications.. and maybe a way to view my PC's desktop in the webbrowser. I don't want my page to bee too big (in MBs) because i want to access it on my PSP :)

What do you recommend? Thanks in advance....

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a screen capture software could save pictures to the webserver folder and maybe a php script could have something to send text to the command prompt or something like VNC has... By the way... my VNC says "bla bla bla... has encountered a problem and needs to close... bla bla bla" as far as i seen this error it's random.. well... on PLAY but on random videos...

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Logmein has a free (secure) option to control upto 10 pcs for free!

They allow you to control your pcs via ssl (https secure connection) via any web browser weather smart phone, mac, pc, etc.

They also have a beta app that will let you do this via you usb flash drive.

I personaly use this to control my servers and have had no problems what so ever. I give logmein.com 5 out of 5 stars or a basic free remote pc app.

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