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Unable to recover after 2.13 upgrade


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Updated the firmware today  to 2.1.3 and the LED went to a solid red.  Attempted the recovery function with FW 2.1.3 over WiFi as well as manually,  but back to the red LED both times.  I  also tried the same process using version 2.1.2 but again back to the red LED.   

What are my options?  



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Well now that I've been looking into this I remembered I had this issue before, ha.   This is due to a flash check error.   The pineapple was replaced by  HAK5 but looks like I have the same issue with this one.  Super disappointed, its probably not even a year old.  The pineapple tetra is still running years later   

The solution to this is was to flash the pineapple with FW 1.1.1.  

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