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Wi-Fi Pineapple Mk7 x 5G Adapter x GPS x RLT-SDR via Kismet


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Hi guys can anyone help me. I am using the Mark 7 and have three devises I would like to connect.
RTL-SDR Blog R820T2 RTL2832U (RF)

This will give mw the opportunity to do recon on 5G networks, Get live GPS and use KrakenSDR to find RF signals. 
I have successfully added the 5G and the GPS (Cheers Glitch 😉 ) Just wondering if firstly:
1) Would it be better to pay someone to create a "Recon Module" that will recognise all three USB devices and already have kismet and KrakenSDR configured?
2)Forget the Pineapple and just go via kismet?
3)Plus in all three into the Pineapple, go onto Kismet via the pineapple and hope to configure it there?

Any advice would be appreciated. 

Happy Hakin'

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