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Wifi Pineapple mark 7 Problems using client-mode, seamingly a dirver issue with wlan2


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Has anybody ever experienced problems while trying to use client mode on said Device ?

after successfully Configuring the device and using it for some time it developed problems connecting to the internet in client mode, the logs follow at the end, from my analysis it seems to be a diver issue. But even Factory resetting the device multiple times over it always develops the error after some time.


Thu Jan 18:53:16 2023 daemon.notice netifd radio2 (6095): WARNING: Variable 'data' does not exist or is not an array/object
Thu Jan 18:53:15 2023 daemon.notice netifd radio2 (6089): Could not find PHY for device 'radio2'


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I know that some devices has had issues with the onboard USB hub making two of the three radios unavailable. However, in those cases I haven't gotten the impression that it would me intermittent. Either they have worked, or not. What's the output of lsusb when these issues are showing? Do the 7601 chipset based radios show?

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