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Shipping to Europe ( France )


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Hi everyone,

I am currently ordering a product, I have two delivery options:

Passport Priority Duties Paid: 8-14 Business Days
Shipping 20.83 USD, Duty 0.00 USD $20.83

DHL/FedEx Expedited Duties Unpaid: 2-5 Business Days $80.66

I currently reside in France, what is the difference between the two offers in terms of taxes,

I'm not sure I understood correctly:

- 1: No additional tax on the first option
-2 : Taxes to pay

My question is, first of all, do I understand how it works?

and secondly, the taxes to be paid on the DHL/FedEX are at the arrival of the product or at the time of the transport and the crossing of the border,

Thank you very much for your help,

Kind regards dear community!

If someone could explain me 🙂


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Generally, for the 1st option, you are paying all the taxes and no additional charges should be needed when doing the actual import when it arrives in France.

The 2nd option is the opposite, you have to pay taxes/customs when the shipment arrives at the border. I haven't personally experienced any case (Hak5 or some other case) where you pay customs when the parcel arrives at the final destination. It's held in customs until it has been paid and then in is released for further domestic transport (valid procedure at least in some EU member states).

If everything works as expected, then option 1 would perhaps be faster since it doesn't stop in customs (if it's not inspected that perhaps can take some time). Option number 2 will probably take longer time since it involves administrative work.

However, quite recently, someone (I even think it was France) had used the 1st option and still the things got stuck in customs because DHL (I think it was) hadn't got any information about the fact that taxes had been paid = extra trouble and shipment stuck in customs anyway.

I have always used option 2 (i.e. pay taxes when it arrives at the border/customs). Best option? No idea, it's just the way I do it.

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