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PowerShell error


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The specific line I'm having trouble with is copying the path of the USB (with twin duck) within PowerShell.  This occurs immediately within PowerShell, it's the first string that it runs after it pulls up PowerShell with GUI r (run).  When I input the string and hit enter using the ducky all I get after is a blank terminal.  When I do it without the ducky it shows up as normal with the file path and user on the left hand side.  I am using the ducktoolkit encoder with the original rubber ducky.

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I'll do that and let you know how it goes!  The weird thing though is that the original string does work if it's manually typed or even copied and pasted in when not used with the ducky.

I've even written a script to have the ducky type the string out in notepad, copy it, open PowerShell, and paste it and that still didn't work.

I will see if this one works though.

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