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PuTTY kicked out me from LAN Turtle. MAC address can't be hold after power recycle.


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I've plugged my LAN Turtle to the built in USB port of my note PC running Windows 11.
I've accessed my LAN Turtle with PuTTY client with the default IP address (  The Turtle Shell (v6.2) popups.  It works, at this moment.

I have two problems.

problem 1:

My PuTTY is disconnected with the message below after 30 to 60 seconds.

"PuTTY Fatal Error: Network error: Software caused connection abort."

What is wrong ?  Do I need some PuTTY configuration ?
My home network is not "172.16.xx.xx".  Does it relate this issue ?

problem 2:

I tried to change MAC address (Config->Change WAN MAC address->MAC Changer) within 30 seconds (due to problem 1).

Although I've "Save"ed before disconnection, this modification is cleared and the initial MAC address comes back.

Any suggestions ?

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Try running ssh instead in Windows Terminal/PowerShell and see if you get the same "bad behavior" as you do when using PuTTY. Did you Google that error? Top results in a search shows suggestions on how to solve the issue. Tried those?

MAC changer settings should not be permanent, so if it resets, it's not that surprising. You probably need to edit /etc/config/network (or use uci) to make it stick. Also make sure to use a valid MAC address.

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Thank you !

I found /etc/config/network and understood how to stick my MAC address.

I still have problem of disconnection on short period after logging in.

I tried ssh client of Windows 11.  It says 'client_loop: send disconnect: Connection reset'.

I googled and tried 'keep alive' setting on PuTTY, but it did not work.

Anyway, I will try.

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