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Multi Load Payloads

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You have to be more detailed when it comes to what you want to achieve with the payload and define what "multi load" really is. Right now the answer can be "yes" or "no". When saying "detailed" I mean; What is the target? What different stages (perhaps what you define as "multi load") do you want to include? What is supposed to happen? What is the goal with the payload and/or each stage? (etc.)

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thanks you sir for helping here's what i need to do

target: desktop/laptop windows 10

1. payload 1 need to crack/bypass windows login password

2. payload 2 need to exfiltrate and copy the files like pdf, .txt, .docs google password and gmail ymail password etc. etc. 

3. payload 3 need to clear the logs and exit with no trace in pc/laptop

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Combining those in one payload is possible, but... Number 1, will be difficult to achieve to say the least, if not close to impossible (speaking in Ducky terms now). Number 2, totally possible and easy to do if having access to an unlocked machine (at least the "copy files" part of it). Number 3, kind of possible. Clearing traces in the Registry (like Windows run history) is possible. A bit more difficult though to clean tracks in the event manager, and especially if events have been shipped (the second they occur) to some central log repository/SIEM. It all depends on the target environment.

And, as always, it has legal perspectives as well depending on the scenario. Always be sure that you are allowed to do these kinds of operations before you do them.

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