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I see an RSS Feed for Xvid video on each episode. What would you use to keep track and download these? I'm on Ubuntu Linux and use Rhythmbox as my podcatcher client, but how can I follow my technolust to find something to do the same with video? I've downloaded them manually and like the quality best.

Thanks dudes!

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Cool, thanks. I had tried Democracy a while back but it installed Mozilla Browser and Composer in a rather ugly way. It seems to be more refined now and installs only what is necessary and confines that to it's own config. I'm glad to give it another go.


This channel is not compatible with Democracy! But we'll try our best to grab the files. It may take extra time to list the videos, and descriptions may look funny. Please contact the publishers of http://www.hak5.org/rss/xvid.xml and ask if they can supply a feed in a format that will work with Democracy.

I get that when adding as a channel. Did I goof?

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Why should it be the exception :wink:

Seriously, I moved to Linux fully late last year after testing the next incarnation of Windows. I stayed with XP as it was the path of least resistance and I've never been too religious about my OS anyway, but I'm glad I made the move now. I considered Mac but I like the hardware options on a PC (read cheap and easy).

As for Democracy, it is much improved on Linux since last year even, and they have their own deb repository, nice!

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