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trying to find hidden SSID


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I have a bunch of hidden networks I am trying to track down and identify to reduce interference, however I am not having much luck (I am a total noob in this area).

I am using commview for wifi and ran capture for a while and then filtered based on the BSSID of one of the problem networks. There is just a bunch of management beacons being broadcast - there don't appear to be any devices replying to it. I have gone through the broadcast packets and none of them have an SSID parameter set.


Is there anyway for me to uncover the SSID? If its a problem of there needs to be a client connected to get the info I need, assuming one day someone connects and I can get the traffic, how would I go about finding the SSID with commview - would it just appear in the conversation packets or would I have to do something to dig out the info?


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nevermind! - after chasing around BSSID's it looks like its our own AP's broadcasting these hidden networks for some reason (none should be hidden). I would delete this topic but dont seem to have the option.

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