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what is wrong with my hackrf one och!? please


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Hi u all! Om new in here but i have search and search on the web all over but cant find whats housing this problem. I at first bought hackrf with portapack2 and then the buttons were done and the screen was crusched.....so i ordered i new portapack2

But for months now i cant solve what causing the issue for hackrf Alone... Somebody have messed with me cops or somebody else but i didnt recognize my hackrf pcb anymore....can someone tells me what the problem is? Should the pcb looken like this or am i stupid?

I think the pcb lack a component or two and the also have been soldering off the board.


The only thing s whole computers can tell me is that the hackrf is found as LPC nothing else could be done. No upgrade no downgrade or flashing..... And the leds are they even supposed to look like this im gonna show u with a pic..

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