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Key Croc can't install extras

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It can be numerous things. The Croc is based on Debian Jessie, which is an archived release. However, the install_deps function of INSTALL_EXTRAS seems to install Ruby from the Stretch "repo" for some reason. Stretch is oldoldstable (although newer than Jessie) and things aren't static over time. Errors/issues might be related to the fact that stuff has changed upstream Debian that affects some of the deb packages that are installed (or trying to be installed) using INSTALL_EXTRAS. I guess that you will have to deep dive under the hood of the Croc to sort this thing out and try to fix it. Also remember that the sources of the deb packages being installed is old and old tools are most often not that effective as they used to be back in the day. So even if being able to successfully install the deb packages, they might not be that helpful compared to the latest versions available.

These are the deb files that INSTALL_EXTRAS is installing, if successful...
(note that the filenames says "bunny", but the packages are the same as for the Bash Bunny and it's what INSTALL_EXTRAS actually downloads and installs)

impacket-bunny.deb - deb seems to have been created May 2017

responder-bunny.deb - deb seems to have been created March 2017

gohttp-bunny.deb - deb seems to have been created May 2017

metasploit-bunny.deb - deb seems to have been created June 2019

So, the Metasploit deb is the newest one of them all, but still really old in cybersec terms

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