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How to access files/task manager or any other windows 7 function by using any products of hak5?

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I mean, that's kind of a wide question. So, let's stick to the Ducky since this is the Ducky section of the forums.

I guess you have to be more specific and detailed about what you actually want to do using the Ducky on a Windows 7 target computer.

Accessing the task manager is accomplished in the same way as you access the task manager using a regular keyboard.

When it comes to accessing files, it depends on what kind of files and where they are located. To generally handle files, it's probably easiest to do it using PowerShell or pure old "cmd".

But, as said, it always depends on the goal for the payload.

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It is possible to access OS system on windows kiosk mode (os lockdown environment) by using rubber ducky?

Be sure, target windows disabled as below I mention:

1) All keyboard shortcuts are disabled

2) Booting from external media not possible( password protected)

3) Disabled all weaknesses by group policy editor




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You can do a lot with the Ducky, but it is not a hacking wizard that automatically erases every cybersec defense that it encounters. Read the documentation about the Ducky to get the full extent of possibilities and limitations. From what you are describing; no, the Ducky can't do what you hope it could do.

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