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Keystroke Injection via USB-C Port on a Laptop(?)


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Sorry if the answer seems obvious here, but I want to know if you could use a laptop to inject keystrokes over a USB-C cable to another machine. I did some light Googling before coming here and all I could find were people asking the same question, but before USB-C, or something vague and/or inconclusive about gadget drivers.

I'm also not sure the terminology I'm using is correct, but in dummy terms, I want to be able to do what the RubberDucky does, but directly from the USB-C port on my laptop.

Thanks for your consideration, and, if you can't tell already, I know very little about coding/hacking, so take it easy please :)

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I feel a valid question might be "why?"

I can foresee one of 2 scenarios;

  1. You have long term physical access to a target computer
  2. You only have a brief window for physical access to a target computer

For scenario 1, you would just use that target computer. Why hook up another computer to it, simply for keystroke injection, when you can just use a keyboard plugged in as per a normal setup?

For scenario 2, you would use a Rubber Ducky, because there's no reason for using something slower and more cumbersome like a second computer.


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