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(NIB) Flipper Zero


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Brand new in the factory sealed box, Flipper Zero ‘pet trainer’.

A tremendously versatile tool that’s getting virtually impossible to come by in the US. FTC/Customs are grabbing these right and left as they come across them.  As a result, hardly any from the offshore sites will even ship to the US anymore.

This one’s white. Brand new in the sealed box. Latest firmware. In hand and ships from/too the US for free via USPS Priority Mail.

IMO, a ‘must have’ in the contemporary pen test toolkit.



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When they actually have them in the US, yes.

Considering they’re all made 100% overseas, customs only released the last shipment after a LONG wait and MASSIVE payoff, offshore shopping  sites are declining to ship individual units to the US just as the FTC and other US government agencies are putting a HUGE target on these rushing to ban import, and they climbed as high as $800 between batches (and that was BEFORE any talk of federal legal action effecting availability)…

Get as many at $170 as you can.

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