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How can I fix asleap Errors [ Could not recover last 2 bytes of hash from the challenge/response. Sorry it didn't work out ] ?

Blixer Blacking

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Hi Legends

 once I have the challenge & response messages I can now use asleap with my wordlist to generate a response which will then be compared to the actual response that I got from the AP and if they match, it's gonna display the password that's used to generate that response, the issue is when ever I ran asleap like so 


asleap -C a1:de:38:17:2b:16:fb:c1 -R f9:ed:f3:91:65:99:26:cd:70:8c:37:ae:ea:36:aa:7e:67:fc:22:ef:5b:df:d8:88 -W /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou-top50k.txt

it's gives me this Error


basically I used to run



whenever I want to decrypt the challenge & response messages that I got from



I used this version of hostapd-wpe which allows me to create a fake WPA-Enterprise although technically it is not "FAKE" because the Data that t I got is encrypted using an algorithm called "





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