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Lost at setup…


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Received my Pineapple last night; was able to upload the firmware and log in to the 174.xx.xx.x UI. And then the headache set in. In specific, the documentation reads:

Logging In
Upon browsing to the UI, you'll be greeted with the login page. The username is root, while the password is the one you set during Setup.

Uh, what setup? I didn’t set any password up to this point. There is nothing in the documentation in regard to setting a password. Nonetheless, I simply put one in, only to be greeted with a “Begin Setup” prompt. Huh? So I am required to make a password during setup (of which I was never prompted for) in order to get to the setup? Yet, I forged ahead… only to be greeted with even more settings that are not in the documentation setup. I am utterly confused by this? 
Please — if anyone can shed some light on this, I would be extremely grateful.
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First of all, you are in the wrong section of the forums. I'm very sure you didn't get a Mark V Pineapple, but a Mark VII (the latest available generation of the Pineapple).

Did you buy it used or was it brand new out of the box bought from Hak5 (or some of the official global resellers)? From the way you describe it all, it doesn't seem as you've  had the true "out of the box" experience. Setting the password is a part of the standard setup procedure. Hence the question about the possibility that it was bought used.

If you are totally out of sync when it comes to the setup, I would suggest making a factory reset/firmware recovery and start over.

And, make any future posts about the Mark VII in the correct section of the forums.

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My apologies. Yes, it is a Mark VII; I didn’t notice that I was in the wrong forum. I will heed your advice for future posts.


To answer your question: Yes, it was purchased brand new directly from Hak5. I am planning on performing the factory reset (as you had suggested), but I still am confused as to when this alleged password comes into play. 

Nonetheless, thank you for the reply and advice.

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