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Customer Support is a.....


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So I ordered about 500 dollars worth of stuff, new rubber ducky was one.   I knew it was back ordered so i knew the time was going to be a while....    but they shipped my other two items Nov 1st...   Nov 7th it landed roughly 4 hours from me and has yet to move...    Dec 2nd I contacted support saying

"I think my package is missing.   My order #Order# and #Tracking#.  Ive Already contacted USPS and they do not have it.   it has almost been a month since it was in #State# which is literally 4 hours from me.  "

This is the response I get  

Hi Therag,

Your order is noted to be en route at this time, please find tracking here:

#link to tacking#



Jaimie Rhynsburger from Hak5"



Like really I know it says it but a month later and I still don't have it.   Like y'all need to change your shipping partners and give better customer support...   Literally took my money no problem but I have yet to receive one of my Items I paid for.....   


This is appalling

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Therag —

I just updated your email ticket with details. I don't want to share any of the PII here other than to reiterate generally what I've said in regards to your lost order and our process in taking care of that. I'm in the process of reviewing a lot of our policies and procedures as part of the year-end review, and in doing so I'm noticing that — while the shipping insurance / delivery protection system we've implemented has been a smooth experience for most — some have fallen through the cracks. 

That's unacceptable, and I do sincerely apologize for the delay and poor experience. You have my word that we are digging into this and will refine or replace this system with a more accurate and timely one. 

In the meantime, please see the details in the email ticket as they pertain to your particular order and know that no matter what this will be made right.

Thanks again for your patience, support, and business. We really appreciate you being here.

Best regards,

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It's simple, you Buy a label from USPS after you have it packed in the box then you drop it off at the post office and give the other person the tracking number. Why is it so complex only to have no tracking update for a week as soon as its 2 hours away for me exactly like the OP. Downloading an "SHOP" app only to tell me nothing else at all its still in transit and all the options are blacked out is silly and does not help a customer. To be honest this is exactly what people do when they are drop shipping crap to people from out of country, and I don't like it.

I ship tons of things each week from etsy at least 100 or more. every single one I print a usps label same day it goes to the post office. Guess what, I almost never get questions like where is my package etc. because they have the tracking and can follow it themselves.

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