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Module list out of date.

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I just received my Lan Turtle and updated it to 6.2. But when i try to install modules the list it gives is different from https://github.com/hak5/lanturtle-modules/tree/gh-pages/modules 

I updated modules thinking that would update the module manager and get it pulling from the correct location but i still have modules missing from the directory and modules that do not show up in the github showing in the directory. Is there a separate process to ensure that the module manager is pulling from the correct location or updating that list that I am missing? 

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Not sure how you determine that the list is out of date. What you should find in the modules list in the Turtle text based UI should be the same as what's available on the GitHub repo. Some modules/files on GitHub aren't showing in the Turtle UI. It's the meterpreter module (since it's deprecated as the comment says on GitHub) as well as meterpreter-sl (for the same reason as meterpreter). The only thing that is possibly differing is urlsnarf since it's not possible to download from GitHub or via the Turtle UI (even though it's listed on the Turtle). The files/modules themselves aren't out of date either. Just download them and compare one by one; do a diff and/or verify the checksums (SHA512 or something else).

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The turtledump is missing in the Turtle UI and urlsnarf does appear in the turtle ui but does not appear in the github. Does the lan turtle not generate the list from the github repo or is it hard coded and I need to make the changes to the list file my self? 























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If that single one (turtledump) is important, then it can be added to the Turtle in /etc/turtle/modules

Modules are not fetched from GitHub directly, however, there's no difference in the files/modules that are available in the Turtle UI that are also is available on GitHub (i.e. excluding the two modules turtledump and urlsnarf).

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