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i may be a n00b...


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you can call me a noob if you want but i was improving airflow in my case the other day and toasted an IDE cable trying to round it before i figured the right way to do it... so now im gonna get advice on future mods... it'll cave me on parts.

i wanna know any advice about hooking up a 120 mm fan to run on 7v, and i need to dremel me up a hole for it, advice?

also any suggestions for cheap and easy cooling/ preformance mods would be welcome, this old p3 needs all the love she can get.

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To get 7v, connect the fan's positive wire to +12v (yellow) and the fan's negative wire to +5v (red).

As for cutting the hole, remove all the components (including the psu) from the case before you start. That'll prevent metal filings getting on everything.

Cover the area to be cut with masking tape and mark out the four holes to be drilled for mounting the fan, and the cutout for the fan. Using a compass is a good idea. If you dont have a compass, a fan grille will suffice.

A dremel will get the job done, but a holesaw is the best option if you have access to one. A jigsaw with a metal cutting blade will also do a decent job.

If you're stuck with the dremel, just make sure to use reinforced cutting discs, not the standard type. They cost more per disc, but last a lot longer and cost less in the long run. Wear safety glasses and hearing protection. Go slowly, and dont use too much pressure. Let the speed of the tool do the work, forcing it just leads to burnt out motors and broken cutting discs. Once you've cut the hole, clean up the edges with a grinding stone or sanding drum.

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thanks for the advice, the holesaw is just a specialdrill bit right, the one that is just a saw bent into a circle, right, because if thats what you are talking about then i have one.

and unfortunately, i dont like like liguid cooling, its just screaming for an accidental leak or something. and its expoensive. so is liquid nitrogen.

but sinceim running a coppermine i really dont need excessive cooling..

boy what i wouldnt do for a core 2 duo and compatible hardware.

and not to start a rant, but you amd fans should staop trying to convince me amd still has the most powerful chips, you in denile, admit it, accept it, and embrace it.

join the dark side.

prolly sometime during the next week 9its march break) im gonna go out to a computer store near where my mom lives. it supposedly sells used parts, which is what i need. cmon lady luck, gimmme a 512 meg stick of sdram

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the holesaw is just a specialdrill bit right, the one that is just a saw bent into a circle, right,

Yes. For a 120mm fan, a 114mm (4.5") holesaw that's suitible for cutting sheet steel or aluminium will give the best results.

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