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Factory reset on wifi pineapple mk VII


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Do not involve WiFi if you want to do a factory reset. Use the USB-C Ethernet adapter (i.e. plug a USB cable into the USB-C port of the Pineapple and the other end to a PC).

You say you use a PC; I have to ask, is it a PC or a Mac. You've said you use a Mac in some older posts that seems to be about the same issue. If using Mac, then there will be problems since at least later versions of MacOS doesn't have drivers (or bad drivers) for the type of chipset that the Pineapple is using. So, first step is to use something else than MacOS.

Next step is to follow the reset procedure and get a solid red LED on the Pineapple, putting it into recovery mode. Did you manage to get the Pineapple into that "mode"? If not, what issues do you face during that procedure?

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