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newly bought wifi pineapple mark vii web UI Failed to obtain available modules.


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web ui interface Question:
         1. Click  <Get Available Modules>button, it will display "Failed to obtain available modules. Please check your internet connectivity settings."

         2. Click the <Sync Browser Time> button to display "Time Misconfiguration"

        3. Click the <Check for Updates Online> button, it will display "Failed to obtain updates. Please check your internet connectivity settings."

MK7 Internet access method:
1. Through the WIFI of the home router or the hotspot of the mobile phone, surf the Internet as a client
2. Connect USB to RJ45 network card (AX88179) through MK7 USB-A for Internet access
The above two methods can be connected in the MK7 Web Shell ping forums.hak5.org, no problem

About the firmware: the version is installed from 2.0.0------>2.1.3, all of which have the same problem (currently the latest version) (can't the 1.1.1 version be installed?)

my environment:
  Computer: lENOVO Y7000P 2020 win10 system (because I am in China, so the computer network uses VPN)

Router:      1.TP-LINK TL-R470GP-AC
                 2. TP-LINK TL-WR885N

Power supply: 1. HUAWEI 10000mAh mobile power bank/charging treasure 18W two-                        way fast charging
                           2. The USB-C port of the laptop (with pineapple USB-C cable)

Using Google Chrome version 107.0.5304.107 (official release) (64-bit)

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In this forum, I am newbie, because of wrong operation, sorry

This problem I have encountered has been bothering me for 4 days. Is it because I am in China? The reason for the wall? I started to think about it, please help me, thank you very much!!! ! English, thanks to translation software

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OK, not the same issue then, at least not the same scenario. You have to provide more info. In what way is the Pineapple connected to the internet? Can you ping some online service/device using the terminal of the Pineapple (either ssh into the Pineapple or use the web UI based terminal), for example www.google.com?

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