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Would this Wifi adapter support packet injection and monitor mode?


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Not sure what variant MTK7601 is but MT7601 is used by the WiFi Pineapple for devices radio1 and radio2, that extends to interfaces wlan1 and wlan2. wlan1 is running in monitor mode when used by PineAP (if no 5 GHz USB adapter is attached and selected as PineAP interface). So, if it's MT7601 based, it will probably support monitor mode. However... I would suggest to add some extra money to buy an adapter that is certain to use a specific chipset. One might end up spending buying a lot of crap from sites that says it's a specific interface and when it is delivered, it's far from what was advertised from the seller.

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Just my own personal opinion, even if it does support MM, I'd still go with something a bit beefier like an Alfa.
You'll quickly regret the poor range that thing will have compared with having a little antenna.

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