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Loot not saved to udisk


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Received my key croc today and i instantly noticed an issue, i can grab keystrokes perfectly fine, they get saved under /root/loot/ as it should be while in attack mode.

However, if the key croc is shut down for example when i turn off my pc or unplug it, the next time i boot it up the logs are gone.

Doesnt matter if i boot into arming mode or attack mode. The files at /root/loot/ are lost and were not written to /root/udisk/loot/ beforehand.

Im unsure if its just me doing something wrong here or if theres something wrong with the firmware perhaps.

Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

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It should be rather difficult to boot the Croc directly to arming mode as far as I know.

If you try not to power the Croc off, but instead bring it directly to arming mode after an "attack session", is the loot copied/synced when doing it that way? I.e. plug the Croc in and let it do what it's told to do in attack mode. Then just don't pull it, but let it enter arming mode and see if the loot is copied to the udisk.

Unplugging it without entering arming mode first also works for me. The content of /root/loot gets synced.

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