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During factory reset switches to on firefox


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Hi guys,

I am trying to do a factory reset on the mark VII following this video:


However, when I try to go to my Firefox automatically switches to and gives me Unable yo connect. Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

I am using Parrot OS on Virtual Box.



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If you have a solid red LED, then the Pineapple is in the correct mode/state in order to be able to reach the recovery web page. Try different browsers and also other computers. As I understand it you are accessing the Pineapple using a VM. Not sure why, but you might be using a Mac with an OS version that can't provide drivers for the ASIX Ethernet adapter of the Pineapple. I would suggest to try to avoid using a VM if having issues. Just to remove a "layer" of potential problems.

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Try running wget in a terminal on the VM ( wget )and check the content of the file that will be the output. Is it showing some generic error message or something that would be the HTML code of the recovery page? Just to verify if it's the browser being stubborn on using https for some reason or if there's some problem that is related to the communication between the browser on the host and the Pineapple.

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