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I just bought a PII lappy...


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hey all - this is kinda pointless, but my curiosity forces me to ask the following question:

was the laptop featured in ep#9's thebroken sketch the same one featured in the Microshaft Web 2.0 Framework sketch?

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heheh ... they are still good machines, those - most of 'em still work :D

oh, and I should think that they (would in theory) make great (read:very cheap) wardriving machines, as long as they have USB or CardBus slots... not sure they'd be too hot for heavy number-crunching work though, so no decryption...

*realises he's thinking out loud again and goes away to watch more IPTV*

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I have a Compaq Armada 7400 which has a Pentium II 400 MHz and 256 MB of ram, it's running Debian and Fluxbox and runs fine for what I use it for, which is as a web server/ Asterisk box at hacker cons (so it can be abused) and for anything where I don’t what to fuck up my good laptops.

Debian is the ideal distro for older equipment as it can be installed of 3 floppies and a network connection and it’s not bloated or processor hungry.

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I might have to give debian ago then. I have always used Suse for my Linux machines and that is become a bit big and resources intensive.

I'm moving all my servers over to FreeBSD but BSD still lacks something for desktops I feel.

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