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Pineapple wifi customers do not have access to the internet


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Configure my pineapple with the administrator wifi and wifi clients open also connect a USB adapter compatible to give internet to the pineapple that if it works to go out to internet from the pineapple but not in the clients, these are connected to the open wifi network but these do not have output to internet.
Is it necessary some routing so that the clients go out to internet by the network adapter connected to the pineapple?

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In what way are you powering the Pineapple? Using a power adapter (such as a phone charger) or using a port on a computer? If using a computer as a power source, you will probably experience the problems you are facing since it will enable the USB-C Ethernet interface of the Pineapple and that will be the default route/gateway. If powering the Pineapple with a "dumb" power source (charger or such) then it won't set the USB-C Ethernet adapter as the default route/gateway. I'm using my Pineapple now as I'm writing this, powering it with a USB charger, connected to the open AP, Pineapple connected as a DHCP client to a network using cable and a RTL8153 USB Ethernet adapter, and it works without doing any changes. If you need to use a computer as a power source, then you will most likely have to change the default route/gateway of the Pineapple to make it work.

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I was powering it with the computer port, now on recommendation use the 5V 2A cellular power adapter seems to still enable the Pineapple's USB-C Ethernet interface because the open network clients are still not surfing the internet.
This is the ip route table and the route -n table I have:

root@mk7:~# ip route
default via dev eth1  src 
default via dev br-lan  metric 4096 dev br-lan scope link  src dev eth1 scope link  src 
root@mk7:~# route -n
Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface         UG    0      0        0 eth1         UG    4096   0        0 br-lan   U     0      0        0 br-lan   U     0      0        0 eth1

the network is the home network and the pineapple's IP is assigned by dhcp

can you provide me the routing table that you manage or what error I have?

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