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Ducky Script 3.0 on Bash Bunny Mk1 or Mk2 = no, at least not the parts that are new in 3.0 of Ducky Script.

"Classic" Ducky Script for the Classic Rubber Ducky on the Bunny = yes, if using a file with included Ducky Script commands (not the payload file itself). If not, they need to be rewritten using the syntax valid for the Bunny.

Bash Bunny Mk1 or Mk2 payloads on USB Rubber Ducky (classic or new) = no, since the payloads are written using QUACK (for example) which the Rubber Ducky isn't using. Mk2 Bunny also has features that isn't available at all on the Ducky (new or classic model). Also, if including bash in the payload it's not possible to use on a Ducky.

You can read about it in the docs of the USB Rubber Ducky and the Bash Bunny.

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