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New IRC and Gameserver

Darren Kitchen

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We need a UK server setup, but question is where from, n how much?

The evolans servers are very cheap, a 14man server 66rick rate costs about £25 a month which aint bad.

I got UT2K4, UT2K3, UT, Halo, HL2DM, HL2CTF so im up for playing them each month.

I might get day of defeat source because I played the free trail weekend few months back and I loved it.

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My rig atm is...

Athon XP 3000+ 2.1ghz L1 256 L2 512

Nvidia 6600GT 256mb

2gb of corsair pc3200 ram

asus A7V8X-X motherboard

And i get about 60fps which I thinks due to the actual motherboard since its like 5 years old, rest of the harware is k.

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