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localtime missing


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Love the pineapple, and I'm still learning it.  I've noticed that the time is off even after setting the time zone.  I try to sync with browser time and I get an error.  Digging into the CLI I find that the localtime link is broken because the command doesn't exist in /tmp.  It is up to date with the firmware (2.1.2).  I can't figure out how to get the time corrected for the life of me.

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When you say

6 hours ago, r3cluse said:

It is up to date with the firmware (2.1.2)

are you referring to date/time or the Pineapple itself? If it's the date/time, then it gets a bit confusing (updated, but still not).

Can you provide some actual error messages? I haven't experienced the same thing as you are describing and any information that can explain things more in detail is vital for troubleshooting.

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