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DHCP Setting a no-show


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I've had my LAN Turtle for a couple of weeks now.  Going through all the menu options, added a 64GB SD and generally screwing around with the modules.  

One of the last modules I went to was DHCP Settings... that does what, I do not know.  Whenever I select it, the Window hangs (no navigation to other options permitted) and dumps back to the root screen (Format SD, change password, etc.) after ~10 seconds.

I'd love to troubleshoot but not sure where to start.



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My guess is that it likely "freezes" because the network service is restarting when entering that menu item.

The menu screen that is shown where the DHCP menu item is available is in the file:

The function that handles the DHCP menu item specifically is called:

This is what happens for the DHCP menu item within the function above:
        uci set network.wan.proto='dhcp' &>/dev/null
        uci del network.wan.ipaddr &>/dev/null
        uci del network.wan.netmask &>/dev/null
        uci del network.wan.gateway &>/dev/null
        uci del network.wan.dns &>/dev/null
        uci commit network &>/dev/null
        /etc/init.d/network restart

It's possible that the last line (that restarts the network service) kills your session making the window appear to hang/freeze and being unavailable.

All the settings are made on the WAN interface (which should be eth1, i.e. the RJ45 side of the Turtle), and you are probably connected using the USB side/eth0. But, since the network service is restarted as a whole, it might affect the LAN side as well. If you keep the frozen window open and start another ssh session from another window, the Turtle is responding allowing you to connect a new ssh session, so it's not all "dead".

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