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No internet connection SharkJack 1.2.0


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Since you mention 1.2.0 I assume that you are using the Shark Jack Cable (SJC). You have to tell more about how you have connected the SJC. What is the RJ45/Eth jack connected to? Are you using serial on the USB-C side to access the SJC while issuing the different commands you are trying to execute? The default for arming mode is being a DHCP server. If you change that by running NETMODE DHCP_CLIENT things will perhaps not be successful if you haven't connected the RJ45 side to something that can provide a DHCP lease and hand out an IP address to the SJC.

The "Command failed: Not found" that you probably was referring to in your Discord post isn't directly related to NETMODE in itself. It's because you are trying to stop dnsmasq a second time (using NETMODE), but it has already been stopped the first time you executed NETMODE DHCP_CLIENT and therefor saying it failed.

If you want the SJC to automatically connect to a network and get an IP address (as a client) and also internet connectivity (if the network that the SJC is connected to provides that), then I would suggest creating a payload that sets the SJC in DHCP client mode on boot.

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